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Already we are in Feb 2017, my last post was in Oct 2015. The time really flies!  
This blog started out telling of our departure from a land based lifestyle to life on board, and I was thinking of stopping as we now have been in the lovely land life in Yuge island for a couple of years.
However, when I was strolling around the neighborhood looking at the sea, I realized that this lifestyle is almost like living on board rather than living on land, as this small beautiful island is surrounded by a sea full of riches.  
I feel like writing how great this place is and want to brag about this island, so I decided to start writng again.  
Today’s post is about the island winter.

It is a well known fact that the weather in the inland sea is milder than the surrounding areas. 

And it is so true. I hate cold weather and always day dream about hibernating.

This is my first time in my half a century life that I enjoy winter days.  
I think it is because it rarely get below zero in this island, longer sunshine hours and is sheltered from cold winds. Yuge shows us the many different colors from nature even in winter.   
Recently we had a terribly cold front come in from Siberia and it dumped lots of snow even in the Chugoku area where we belong. But we didn’t have any bad days at all! We had a few hours of wind blown of snow but that’s it!

It was strange to see the heavy dark snow clouds in Hiroshima to the north and Shikoku to the south. Yuge was under a blue sky and the sun was shining. We felt separate when we saw the weather on tv showing heavy snow in Hiroshima and surrounding areas. We don’t have the bone chilling cold weather here in Yuge island.  
The winter time the days are very clear and the sunset is magnificently beautiful.
Next post, I would like to talk about sunset in Yuge.   

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